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Our Story


For more than 8 years, PlayDo Lifestyle is committed to providing the most professional vehicle rooftop tents solutions for ODM/OEM clients worldwide.  Since 2015, PlayDo has been pioneering the research,  design, and development of the industry's most popular rooftop tents to meet the various demands of different car camping scenarios.  Today, we’re so honored to be one of the most trusted sources and choices for brands and buyers from more than 80 countries and regions. As one of the most professional rooftop tent makers, we are known and empowered by the well-experienced R&D team, advanced manufacturing workshop and meticulous quality control process and our 24*7 non-stopping customer supports.

 Our products range covers from the traditional overloading models, and premium pop-up hardshell, to budget-friendly portable gears. All of these rooftop tents here keep you off the ground, are relatively easy to set up and stow, and free up valuable storage space in your vehicle.  We believe a weekend trip or a weeks-long off-roading tour is more than just camping. The golden moment begins with quality time with family. Here at PlayDo, we create unique spaces and experiences with rooftop tent camping models whenever needed during your whole trip.  Our mission is to provide safe, convenient, worry-free, and affordable stops during your driving trip with your beloved ones and seize and save every cherishable moment, which is truly more than just camping.

Our Story

     PlayDo was created for the sake of family, friendship, and love. Now we are committed to making PlayDo a bond of emotional communication with family, friends, and lovers.

     Therefore, PlayDo pays more attention to the connection between emotions, and we also hope that PlayDo can be accompanied and communicated. For this reason, PlayDo's mission is to serve global families with products and continue to create value for customers.

     We hope PlayDo can bring more love and companionship to families, which is our original intention.

Our Promise

Provide quality service and keep in touch at your convenience. Provide a professional team to tailor solutions for you.

Our Sales Team

Experienced to help you choose the right product


Customers first, responsibility,integrity, altruism, innovation, leadership, diligence, persistence, and win-win philosophy.

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